West Haddlesey Parish


West Haddlesey does not have a formal Parish Council, instead it has a Parish Meeting, open to all residents of the parish, which meets twice a year, generally in May and November.

The Parish Meeting is responsible for the general upkeep of the village, including grass cutting, tree maintenance, planting of flowers and the maintenance of streetlights, as well as responding on behalf of the village as a whole to planning applications in and around the village, and liaising with other local authorities such as Selby District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, the Highways Agency and the Environment Agency over matters which affect the village, its residents and local amenity in and around the village.

The decisions taken at the Meeting, and the day to day upkeep of the Parish as a whole are managed and carried out by an elected committee, whose names, positions and contact email addresses are on the right hand side of this page.

Minutes of past meetings are available online in PDF format here.

Copies of the annual return of the Parish Meeting are available online in PDF format here.


The Parish Meeting

The Committee

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